OVIVO® Spiral Screen

The Ovivo® Spiral Screen is available for solids removal and for the mechanical pre-treatment of wastewater and waste liquids. The use of shaftless spiral technology on all machines guarantees for a reliable machine with reduced maintenance costs even when handling tough solids.
  • Screening at low flows.
  • Can be provided in a fabricated tank.
  • Can offer compaction as well if required.
  • For like-for-like screens, the Spiral Screen has the best Screening Capture Ratio, at 54%.
  • Channel and package units for simple, low-cost installation.
  • Accessible for safe, simple maintenance.

The inclined EWT spiral screen is installed within the main flow channel at either 35 or 45 degrees. The screen’s supporting member forms a hinge which allows the entire machine to be removed from the channel for maintenance. For safety, the screen can be locked into a horizontal position. Flow enters the screen through and around the open spiral. Screenable solids are retained on the perforated plate screen, and cleaning is effected by the spiral’s rotation. Brushes attached to the spiral’s edges ensure effective screen cleaning and help to convey screenings into the conveyor section of the machine. The EWT spiral screen can be offered as a screenings removal device and integrated with the J+A Washpactor Jet™ system, or alternatively, can be supplied with integral dewatering chambers. Since the EWT spiral screen offers fine screening that may include faecal solids in the screened materials, a thorough washing process is recommended. The EWT spiral screen can be installed singly or in multiples, with duty, duty/assist and standby machines which can be installed into new or existing channels.

The EWT spiral screen is available in a range of sizes to cater for lows of up to 300 liters per second. The actual capacity of any particular unit is dependent on the hydraulic conditions that surround it. Channel depth and width and the maximum allowable headloss will all affect maximum capacity.

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