Ovivo® EnviroSEPTM Technology

Ovivo EnviroSEP units are available in capacities ranging 1kl/hr upwards. All Ovivo EnviroSEP? units are fabricated in stainless steel with a stainless steel plate pack. The technology is suitable for a variety of applications including pretreatment of oily industrial wastewater and for removal of oil from contaminated storm water. They are designed to remove free oils and grease to very low levels (<10ppm), which is adequate to comply with most current regulations.

Oil and Water Separation

Ovivo’s EnviroSEP™ units provide oil and water separation for a multitude of industrial wastewater, process water pre-treatment and stormwater treatment applications.

For petroleum refineries, the EnviroSEP system is an ideal process tool for the pre-treatment of wastewater prior to other physical, chemical and biological treatment methods, allowing removal and recovery of free oil.

For power stations, the EnviroSEP system is commonly used for free oil removal from process water, heavy vehicle and equipment washdown and stormwater run-off. The EnviroSEP
technology has also been proved an ideal system for the treatment of water collected in oil-contaminated bunds at depots, terminals and substation switch yards.

The EnviroSEP technology was designed by mechanical and chemical engineers with many years of experience in the petrochemical industry. The design incorporates many features to maximize the performance of the unit. These include: laminar flow conditions (achieved by specially-designed inlet distribution baffles); uniform distribution throughout the oil separator plate pack; materials that attract oil and encourage coalescing; 60 degree plate pack angling to maximize solids removal and reduce maintenance.

The EnviroSEP unit can also be fitted with a major spill protection cut-off security system which, following a major spillage, automatically stops the feed to the unit within a matter of minutes. This feature ensures optimum performance under any influent conditions.

Outstanding Performance
The EnviroSEP unit is designed to remove all free oil from contaminated streams to comply with the most stringent of discharge requirements. Typically, no more than 5mg / l of oil will remain, with no visible sheen.

Multiple-Stage Plate Pack
The EnviroSEP unique muilti-stage plate pack ensures high performance at all times. The first stage is designed to remove gross slugs of oil and is followed by the polishing stages, which remove any remaining droplets. This ensures that the treated water contains no traces of free visible oil.

Stainless Steel Plate Pack
The plate packs are fabricated from flat stainless steel sheets, configured to maximize coalescing of oil droplets. The plate pack will never warp or corrode, ensuring performance for the life
of the unit.

Internal Oil Tank
All of the EnviroSEP units are designed with an internal oil tank, preventing the need for unsightly drums or other containers to collect separated oil.

Solids Removal Facilities
All models are fitted with several drainage points to facilitate cleaning and solids removal. Unlike many other units, the cleaning process for the EnviroSEP unit does not require full drainage, nor is it necessary to remove the plate pack.

Pre-Screening Facility
The inlet strainer basket, supplied as standard in all EnviroSEP units, is designed to prevent any possibility of plate pack blockages. The basket is easily removed for cleaning.

Quality Construction
All of the EnviroSEP units are manufactured in stainless steel. High grades of stainless steel are available to suit more corrosive applications.

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