Ovivo® SpinTM LLH de-oiling hydrocyclones are very effective in removing dispersed oil. They are excellent coalescing devices and are effective primary treating equipment. When compared to corrugated plate interceptors (CPI) and skimmers, Ovivo Spin LLH systems offer comparable capacity but higher separation efficiency, in a more compact footprint. Ovivo's de-oiling hydrocyclones are often followed by induced gas flotation (IGF) units for secondary treatment on offshore installations.
  • Compact footprint water-oil separation technology
  • 10 microns and larger oil droplets removal system
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance

Produced water treatment requires a variety of treatment steps. When looking for a primary separation technology, to remove dispersed oil, Ovivo Spin hydrocyclones constitute an ideal solution.

  • Proven, reliable technology
  • Minimal power and utility requirements offers a reduced long term operating costs compared to other technologies
  • No pumps required, if minimum feed pressure is maintanied
  • Skid mounted, plug-and-play system

Standard-size Ovivo Spin LLH units are available, but Ovivo also supplies customized Produced Water Primary Treatment solution that are packaged to suit any customer driven specifications and needs. the liquid-liquid Hydrocyclones vessels can be oriented vertically to further reduce foot print.

Turn to Ovivo for a compact and robust Ovivo Spin LLH unit, to meet your liquid-liquid separation needs. Leverage our experience and artner with us to help you optimize your capital investments and maintain lower operation cost.

The Ovivo-Spin LLH line of Liquid-Liquid Hydrocyclones offers exceptional removal efficiencies of oil droplets,10 microns and larger. The performance of removing an oil droplet from the feed depends mainly upon the droplet diameter, or size, and the differential density between the two liquids. The larger the size and the differential the greater the separation efficiency.

Ovivo’s hydrocyclones are installed within a pressure vessel and are internally supported by tube plates. This arrangement allows for an easy access to all internal components of the vessel, for routine maintenance and inspection. It also provides for a compact design, that suits offshore installations. The hydrocyclones may be easily withdrawn from the vessel and replaced with blanks to achieve further turndown if required. The Ovivo Spin LLH units offer inherent reliability and have been designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of conditions with reduced long term operating costs over competing equipment.

Include the table with different sizes and flow rates

What materiel is used in the construction of the Ovivo Spin LLH systems?

Ovivo follows Industry standards, for its equipment. Carbon steel vessels are used in most applications, along with Duplex internal liners. The carbon steel vessel can also be replaced by higher alloys, including stainless steel or superduplex.

Can Ovivo Spin LLH units handle multi-phase flows (gas, solids and liquid)?

Ovivo Spin LLH units can only handle liquid flows and liquid-liquid separation. However, but the use of our Ovivo® Sand Spin™ technology prior to the hydrocyclone will allow processing of multi-phase flow, dealing with solids and handling about 5% of entrained gas.

What oil droplet size can be removed using Ovivo Spin LLH technology?

Removing oil droplets from a feed depends mainly upon the droplet diameter, or size, and the differential density between the two liquids. The larger the size and the differential density, the greater the separation efficiency. Exceptional removal efficiencies of oil droplets, 10 microns and larger, is typically achieved using the Ovivo Spin LLH technology. To handle lower oil droplet sizes, Ovivo recommends using the Ovivo® Float™ Induced Gas Flotation technology.

What is the minimum inlet pressure required to the system?

Ovivo Spin LLH units require that the liquid enters at a minimum pressure of 65 psig, but process efficiency greatly improves with higher incoming flow pressure. Pumps can be provided by Ovivo, as part of a customized Produced Water Primary Treatment solution.